Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Time Machine Essay Proposal

For my time machine essay, I have decided to go for Czech filmmaker Jan Svankmajer. Known best for his surreal animations and feature length films. In terms of relating it back to the ideas that were discussed in the lecture programme. I was thinking about return back to Freud and his theory of the uncanny. Much of ┼ávankmajer’s work relies on images of the uncanny and the grotesque that sit just as easily in the Gothic area. Also I could discuss how and why Svankmajer work has greatly influenced other artists such as Tim Burton and the Quay Brothers. Also with more research into Svankmajer and his work, I may be able to relate back to other ideas that were discussed in the lecture programme. Here are just a few important quotes that I have found from my initial research into Svankmajer and the uncanny.


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