Monday, November 8, 2010

Unit Space - Progress So Far

Here is a quick summary of my progress half way through the project.

Initial Thumbnails
So far i have produce between 30 - 40 thumbnails but I think that I can develop what I have got so far even further. Looking back at the stories I was given I think that there are several other description that I could experiment with. The ones that I am looking at the moment are The Pit and the Pendulum torture chamber and first impression of the dungeon. The third one is the external description go the House of Usher.

Final Pieces
So far I have only got one idea that I am definitely sure that I would want to in my  final three paintings that we have to  produced this is the description of the dungeon when wakes up. With this idea I have started to develop it further on photoshop but there is still things that I can see need development. So the next step is to get them on my blog for you to see.

I think that further research and producing some more influence maps may help me focus on what I have got so far and how I could improve on my initial Ideas. This may even help me produce some fresh thumbnails that I would like develop because at the moment I am just focusing on three certain description and there are many more that I could look within the stories. That may even be more interesting than the ones that I already picked.

For my essay I am going to go with my initial idea which was the film Alien so the next step for me is to watch the film. Then begin research into the film by looking at books, Internet sources and reviews.


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